Wu Zi Ngu (b1ackdea7h) wrote,
I guess $quare-Enix enjoys spends their time harassing dedicated fans rather than making half decent games.

The last line of that post is extremely striking, as it reminds me of similar thoughts when the 3D Chrono Trigger Remake was axed by $quare.

To be fair, FFXII was good, but then again, what isn't when it's a Star Wars ripoff "totally original idea in a completely brand new world."

I'm starting to think that the golden age of both companies was the late NES and SNES periods, heck both companies are sort of like the Romans and Catholics. And history has shown us what that's grown to become.

Ahh well, even the Bleem victory shows us that we can't win 'em all, even if we do.
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